Maize OTR: Private Chef's Table (for up to 10)

Maize OTR: Private Chef's Table (for up to 10)

  • Private Chef's table with 3-course dinner for 10
  • 3 cocktail pairings with courses
  • Booking services


Maize combines Caribbean and South American flavors in a trendy and lively OTR restaurant, created by former Proctor & Gamble coordinator, Angel Batista, and Queen City Radio co-founder, Louisa Reckman.


Maize, meaning corn in Spanish, describes the central ingredient in some of Venezuela's most important dishes, like the arepa and cachapa. Maize's menu features a Caribbean-twist to these traditional South American dishes, while staying authentic and exceptionally flavorful.


Private Chef's Table

Be treated to a delectable 3-course meal with cocktail pairings at Maize OTR. This culinary experience is led by owner, Angel Batista, who will guide your group through the authentic Latin American cuisine, while telling stories of his family traditions and inspirations. Guests will have their choice of courses with flavorful Latin cocktails and and enjoy light appetizers for the table.

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