Private Closet Clean Out

Private Closet Clean Out

  • Private style consultation with Alli Robben
  • 5-hour closet clean out and organization
  • Wardrobe audit
  • Personal shopping checklist
  • Booking services


Alli Robben is a Cincinnati-based lifestyle blogger, influencer, and personal stylist.


In this 5-hour, in-home coaching session, you and Alli will walk through your current wardrobe. She will learn all about you, your lifestyle, and most importantly what you love and what you hate about your current closet.


The goal of this service is to get rid of anything that isn’t helping you achieve your style goals. Not only will you end up with a more minimal and organized closet, but you will learn about what you should and shouldn’t be wearing through the process.


One of the worst parts about cleaning your closet is properly getting rid of the clothing. Alli will take all your unwanted items to a resell store, send you the cash, and donate the remaining items.


At the end of the day, Alli hopes you will feel like a brand-new person, who can walk out of his or her home feeling more confident than ever before.

  • F.Y.I.

    Blackout Dates:  Holiday weeks. Additional blackout dates may apply.

  • House Rules

    This item must be booked a minimum of 60 days in advance and is subject to availability (shorter redemption periods may be available). All purchases are non-refundable. Packages cannot be resold and must be redeemed within two years from date of purchase.


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