Virtual Experience with "She's Like The Wind" Songwriter

Virtual Experience with "She's Like The Wind" Songwriter

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In 1983, an actor friend asked if I would be his pianist for a musical scene he was performing in his acting class, Afterward, I was approached by one of the students who introduced himself as “Buddy.” He told me how much he liked my playing and my remarks about theater. He looked really familiar to me. He asked if I’d seen “The Outsiders,” and I said no. He asked if I’d seen “The Renegades,” still no. Then a woman with long blond hair came over, and he introduced her as his wife, Lisa. I said, “Now I got it – the two of you are always working on a black 240Z on La Jolla Avenue on the weekends.” I lived two apartment complexes away. “Buddy” was Patrick Swayze.


Hear the behind-the-scenes story about how two friends, Patrick Swayze and Stacy Widelitz, created what would become a hit song from the classic movie, Dirty Dancing. Stacy will share his productive career in music, starting with being thrown out of the band program in 4th grade when the teacher claimed he exhibited “no musical ability whatsoever.” He’s had an artistic journey that started in New York, moved to Los Angeles, and ultimately to Nashville. Stacy has been a composer, a songwriter, an elected official, arts leader, and now a respected black & white photographer.

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